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Great Popular Songs, High Quality Live Recordings, Best Songs Ever, Cover Band demo of Beatles, Eagles, America, Doobie Brothers, Neil Diamond, James Taylor, Billy Joel, Elton John, Jim Croce & more.

Click on the Title link below to listen to an MP3 recording from a recent live performance by Bill Miles. For each song below, Bill is singing and playing either piano or acoustic rhythm guitar live. The additional background accompaniments are MIDI sequences with digital audio background vocal recordings in which Bill arranged using Cakewalk Digital Audio Workstation Software.

These audio recordings are only available for streaming and are not downloadable. These audio recordings are not for distribution and are only posted as a demonstration of live performances by SBMP. Links to listen to the recordings are only be available where mechanical licenses has been obtained.

SBMP songs are now also available on several Digital Streaming Providers.     Check Out Our Albums too!

Additionally, if you would like to see video excerpts of Bill's recent performances please contact Bill Miles.

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Song Title
86 Bennie And The Jets True
Bennie And The Jets
Elton John
90 Crocodile Rock False
Crocodile Rock
Elton John
15 Daniel True
Elton John
19 Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me True
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
Elton John
87 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road False
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Elton John
89 Philadelphia Freedom True
Philadelphia Freedom
Elton John
85 Rocket Man True
Rocket Man
Elton John
88 Someone Saved My Life Tonight True
Someone Saved My Life Tonight
Elton John
84 Tiny Dancer False
Tiny Dancer
Elton John
83 Your Song True
Your Song
Elton John

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