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Song Repertoire Selection

by on 1/23/2022

Summer Breeze Music Project

Several years ago when I first began conceptualizing Summer Breeze Music Project I immediately wanted to convey several things.

1.  Music to help people feel good.

2.  Songs from the past which people loved but maybe forgot about.

3.  Songs with a positive message.

4.  Provide a tribute to the artists of these beloved songs.

In today's instant information era, society is constantly bombarded with negativity,  political persuasion, bad news, and even confusing fake news.  All this can be overwhelming and ultimately affect peoples moods and overall outlook.  So, my first goal when performing in front of people is to help them feel good within that moment.  If I can string enough of these feel good moments together for enough people I feel like I am in my small part helping to improve society's outlook.

As the years roll on and hundreds of new songs become introduced every year I feel like some of the great songs from yester-year become forgotten.  When I perform the songs in my repertoire I love hearing people say: "I remember that song.  I love that song!" 

When I pick out songs to add to my repertoire one of the first things I strive for is a positive message.  I am a firm believer in accentuating the positive and avoiding negativity.  The world already has enough negativity.  I choose to be positive, not negative.  I believe in conveying a warm sunny outlook as opposed to a dreary distopian future.  I wish the human race would be motivated by altruism, however, currently in society there is just too much of people treating other people badly, mostly for power and monetary gain.  I have always believed that there is great power in music.  But there should be great responsibility when wielding the power of music.

Finally, I want to provide a way to give tribute and thanks to honor the great song writers such as:  Billy Joel, Elton John, Jim Croce, Neil Diamond, Harry Chapin, James Taylor. . . just to name a few, as well as so many others from bands such as the Eagles, America, Doobie Brothers, The Beatles, and more.

So, overall, the concepts I am trying to convey in the Summer Breeze Music Project is peace, tranquility, and hope; one song performance at a time.

Feel Good Music

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