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A Moment In Time

by 3nam3s@gmail.com on 5/1/2021

Every single time I watch Bill perform, it's much more than watching just a perfomance of old songs. It's watching the crowd, and their realization of the familiarity of the songs that are being played. How it amazes me each and every time, is beyond me. Watching a couple have a "few too many", then wind up dancing to one of the many different songs in Bills repitoire is something I truly cherish. Questions bombard my mind as I see a man in his 60's, maybe older, wisp his wife across a patio or a dancefloor of a small bar. When was the first time they heard this song? Perhaps, it was played at their wedding and Bill is providing a moment to relive a cherished time in their life. Moments later, you hear a woman say "Oh Frank, you KNOW THAT song!" in which Frank, who quite obviously knows that song, either becomes sheepish and drinks the rest of his coors light, or starts bellowing out as if he were on the mic himself.  

The ability to capture an audience and bring them back to a time they really cherished is something that SBMP has become a master at. The catalogue of music and the delivery accompanied by guitar, piano, and custom backing tracks are a combination for a fantastic experience. In a little over a month, we are doing a Facebook video with Bill for some "Early Elton John" songs, and I cannot wait!


Feel free to check back in for more blog posts, news, and of course music!




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