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Doobie Bros still going strong after 50 years

by on 10/17/2021

Summer Breeze Music Project

I went to the Doobie Brothers 50 Anniversary Concert Tour last night.  The Doobie Bros are still going strong after 50 years.  Truly amazing.  I was particularly impressed by the vocal harmonies; rich, clear, and pitch perfect.   Everyone in the band contributed to sing harmonies and they were all solid.  

The Doobies have really evolved into a very musically divergent group.  Pre Michael McDonald they definitely had a southern Americana rock vibe going.  The founders Tom Johnston and Pat Simmons are the original core of the group.  Their voices blend so well together and they are both excellent guitarists.  Then about 1976 when Michael got involved, the group expanded their horizons into pop, R&B, and even a bit of a Jazzy feel.  He contributed a very distinctive soulful quality.  Michael also collaborated with a Steely Dan,  Kenny Loggins, and several other well known acts.  In 1979 John McFee joined them to enhance the band with his extremely wide array of instrumental talents;  steel guitar, electric guitar, violin, harmonica, mandolin, cello, and even Dobro.   He was also in high demand as a studio musician with several other big name acts at that time.

These guys are absolute monsters in regards to talent.  Even after 50 years they still sound youthful, energetic, and genuinely appear to still be enjoying what they do.  With that much talent and confidence in themselves it is truly impressive that they all seem to get along and even enjoy each other as if they were a family.  After 50 years together I guess they really are a family.

For more info about the Doobie Brothers, please visit their website at: Doobie Brothers Website


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