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An Evening With James Taylor

by on 7/27/2022

Attended the James Taylor concert in Phoenix last night. He sang and played guitar for more than two and a half hours with his "All-Star" band which included the great Steve Gadd on drums and "Blue" Lou Marini on sax as well as a "holy host" of other monster musicians. In addition to performing all the well known JT favorites, he impressed the audience with his blues and jazz skills too. The stage had a magical ethereal quality with twinkling, moving lights, a big 3-D oak tree on the left and an evolving back-drop of scenery to convey the "Carolina In My Mind" feeling. James was so expressive and full of character. He was also very clever and amusing talking to the audience between songs. At 74 years young, he seems content, kind, and still very vibrant jumping up and down on stage as if to encourage higher energy out of his band. Bravo!!!

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It was truly magical!
from: on 10/26/2022

great article
from: on 7/28/2022

from: on 7/27/2022

It was awesome
from: on 7/27/2022

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